Perennial Maintenance

mywonderfulperennialPerennial flower maintenance is a knowledge that takes learning and years of gardening experience.

Soak the plants right after planting and check frequently to avoid drying out. The general guideline is to add one inch of water per week for grown plants. Not so repetitive but deep watering promotes perennials to root heavily. Perennials that are claimed to endure drought are drought tolerant only after they have become established. The inclusion of mulch will help to lessen the need for repeated watering.

Add a light covering of fresh compost and work it in to help to make plants healthy. Then add some mulch to sustain moisture as needed.

Cultivate close to plants and fill in with annuals where unfilled sections occur.

Most perennials profit from lifting and dividing every three to four years. Still, some perennials dislike being displaced and are better off being propagated by cuttings or seed. When separating plants, refreshing the soil by incorporating organic matter such as leaf mold or compost can work wonders!