Freshwater Aquarium Maintenance

Monthly maintenance
Continuous success of your fish tank relies on routine aquarium maintenance. Routine aquarium maintenance, at least once a month eliminates piled up organic material, nitrate, sludge and fish waste, that can cause water chemistry complications, excess algae growth, fish stress, disease and fish death. Water adjustments and gravel clean-up are the first important measures to stop these issues.

Partial water changes
Replacing water of about 10-25%, at least once a month of the aquarium size are essential to retain suitable water biochemistry. More consistent 10% water changes every two weeks are sometimes even more effective, particularly if the tank has had problems.

How to change the water
1. Unplug all of the equipment, such as heaters, pumps and filters.
2. Take out ornaments that need cleaning, but leave some in for the fish.
3. Apply plastic plants and ornaments with a light layer of SeriClean and put them in a tube used only for the aquarium. Keep them in there for a time to break down algae. Do not squirt SeriClean directly into the aquarium!
4. Use a gravel cleaning solution to siphon out around 25% of the tank water. The gravel cleaner must be shoved down into the gravel, irritating off the debris. Clean the gravel in this way all through the aquarium and siphon any evident debris on the gravel surface. Keep gravel away of the hose.
5. Fill up the fish tank now with clean water the same temperature as the tank water.
6. Add a high standard water dechlorinator/conditioner to the tank as soon as the tank is filled. There are many high quality conditioners to choose from.
7. Add Aquarium Cleaner (or a similar product) to hinder filtration disruption, to get rid of sludge and keep filters clean.
8. Wash it out the decorations completely that have been soaking in SeriClean and set them back to the aquarium.

If the aquarium is not set up with an undergravel filter, gravel vacuuming (water change) and filter care should not be carried out at the same time. This can cause a too big of a loss of beneficial bacteria needed to drive the cycle. Aquariums depending on single filters should be gravel cleansed one week and the filters taken care of the third week. Always add Aquarium Cleaner or similar conditioner following water changes and filter maintenance. If there’s two filters, never clean them both at the same time or in the same week.

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